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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker logo.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Is the tenth installment to the Zelda Series. It features many new gameplay Elements such as sailing and flying and still retains classic Elements of Combat and puzzle solving.


It takes place in the Great Sea where the goddesses have flooded Hyrule. The reason being that Ganon has risen and no one could destroy him, leaving the goddesses no choice but to flood Hyrule entirely. Estimated hundreds of years Later, It is the birthday of the (Later)allegedly reincarnated Hero, Link. On his Birthday, an enormous Bird Is Being chased to the Island, Outset, where he lives by a band of Pirates, because The bird Kidnapped their Young Leader, Tetra. The Bird is hit by a cannonball and drops her in the Forest at the Peak of Outsets West mountain. After Link Rescues her, the Bird confuses her with Link's sister and kidnaps her instead, leading Link to convince the Pirates to help him on a quest to save his Sister.


Link-The Hero of Winds. His Sister Was Kidnapped By Ganondorf's bird, causing link to try and rescue her, only later does he realise that there is far more at Stake.

King of Red Lions-Link's Guide and main mode of Transportation. He is a small, red, talking boat that finds Link after Ganon had him flung out to the Great Sea, leaving him to die. After getting the boat a sail, He sets out to continue his quest

Tetra-The Young leader of a band of Pirates who was nearly captured By Ganondorf's Bird, but was caught up with the rescue of another girl who was kidnapped.

Ganondorf-The Gerudo King of evil responsible for The events Behind The Wind Waker. He orders A large bird to capture long eared Girls, hoping to find the Princess Zelda.