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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is the sixth of the 14 games in the The Legend of Zelda series. Unusual, but not unheard of for The Legend Zelda, it does not take place in Hyrule, but in another one known as Termina. It uses most of the same Mechanics as OoT, with the addition of magic masks, some with the ability to change Link's species and moveset. Another addition is a time limit applying to all game play..


Majora's Mask Artwork


Link finds himself in the country of Termina while looking for a lost friend, when he is ambushed by an imp wearing a strange mask. This imp known as Skull Kid steals the Ocarina of time and Link's Horse, Epona. Link Chases him all the way out of Hyrule, Where Skull kid magically curses Link to Deku tree Form. Link desperately Follows Skull kid straight to Termina, where The Happy Mask Salesman helps Link retain his original form, but in return asks Link to claim the Imp's mask that was stolen from The Salesman before The Imp destroys all of Termina.