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King bulbin

King Bulbin on his steed Lord Bulbo

"Enough. I follow the strongest side! ...That is all I have ever known." -- King Bulbin

King Bulbin is a frequent Miniboss in Twilight Princess. He is one of the captains ruling under Zant. He is the leader of all of the Bulbins and controls them like his own army. Link first meets him when he kidnaps all of the kids in Ordon Village including Ilia and his Horse Epona. He sounds off his Twilight Horn and a Twilight Hole appears sucking Link into the Twilight Realm. Later after Link restores Light to the Eldin Province Link has to fight off King Bulbin after he takes Colin.

A bulbo usually riden by Bulbins when atacking Link.

Link has to fight off hordes of Bulbins with Fire Arrows and Swords riding Bulbos while he is trying to attack King Bulbin. Then Link must fight King Bulbin on the Eldin Bridge. Where eventually Link knocks King Bulbin off Lord Bulbo into the dark depths below the bridge saving Colin. Later yet again he finds King Bulbin guarding the Great Hylia Bridge. Link then must fight king Bulbin by shooting arrows at him until he falls into Lake Hylia below.
King bulbin axe

King Bulbin off of Lord Bulbo with his Axe

Link again has to face him at the end of the Bulbin Camp after sneaking around and killing Bulbins. But this time it is different this time he is off of his Bulbo and you have to fight him while he is wielding a large Axe. After you defeat him he leaves and you lights the room Link is in on fire. Link must use the Bulbo in the corner to break out of the room. The last time Link has to fight King Bulbin is in Hyrule Castle Courtyard. While looking for a key Link finds King Bulbin and has to fight him just like in the Bulbin Camp. When he is defeated he says that he knows that he has lost and that he has decided to work with the winning side. Which is obviously you.



A bulbin

Bulbins are the force of King Bulbin's army. They are usually carrying either Fire Arrows or large clubs. In parts of the Eldin Province and the Gerudo Province Bulbins can ride Bulbos so that they can attack Link while he is Epona. In the Gerudo Province Fire Arrow wielding Bulbins sit atop large wooden pedestals. Link must shoot them from afar or if he gets to close they will set off an alarm and every Bulbin in a certain area will go to attack Link.