Kakariko Village is an reoccuring location in the Zelda series.

Kakariko OOT

Kakariko Village as seen in Ocarina of Time

It was first seen in A Link to the Past. It was a prominent town where Link can find two bottles and the Bug Catching Net. It is seen again in Ocarina of Time again as a prominent town where Link must go threw to get to Death Mountain. It also now included a place called the Kakariko Graveyard which would be included in future Zelda games.
Kakariko Twilight Princess

Kakariko Village as seen in Twilight Princess

It was then again seen in Four Swords Adventure and Twilight Princess but in these games it is seen as a ghost town where thieves live (Four Swords Adventure) or where only a few lived (Twilight Princess).

Kakariko GraveyardEdit

Kakariko Graveyard

Kakariko Graveyard as seen in Ocarina of Time

Kakariko Graveyard is an area in Kakariko Village it is an area where Link can find Poes and ghosts. In Twilight Princess the Kakariko Graveyard leads to a spring where Link can fish for the legendary Hylian Loach. In Ocarina of Time Link can find a 3 Heart Pieces, Sun's Song, Hookshot, and a Hylian Shield. In most games Dampe is the caretaker of the Graveyard.